1996 Collaboration in the design at the studio of the architect . Alessandro Traldi in Milan, via Brioschi 1997 62 Collaboration at the studio of the architect . Ugo Rivolta of Milan, Piazza Archinto 9 1997/2005 participated in several design competitions ( both as a parent that within working groups ) related to public buildings, public spaces and urban social housing 2000/2005 assumes the role of coordinator of the safety in the design phase and at runtime for different sites of new construction and / or renovation construction, pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 494/96.

2001 National Council of Science researches assignment as a research participant , financing CNR – Agenzia 2000 Project . Included in the register of 2001 Suitable for contract professors in the scientific sector : ICAR 14 – Architecture and Urban Design at the Department of ‘ architecture – Polytechnic of Milan. 2004 Participation as Member REPRESENTATION ante Order of Architects of the Province of Milan, in several sessions relating to the Degree Examinations at the X ° and V ° Commission – Degree in Architecture, Urbanism and Environment of the Politecnico di Milano .